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Total and DS: tailor made lubricants for haute couture cars

Total and DS


TOTAL and CITROËN have been partners since 1968. Thanks to the trust which has been built up all along, the relationship is now running for the brand DS.


Industrial and global, this partnership covers innovation, trade, training and motorsports.

Research and Development

To help cars to reach the highest performances, TOTAL is developing tailor-made lubricants for both diesel and gasoline engines. TOTAL has started optimizing the performance of the DS in 1968, when it was still part of CITROËN.


Did you know a car is filled with engine oil before going out of the factory? It is called the “first fitting”. To do so, the brand needs to choose a special lubricant which fits perfectly their models. Total has been preferred by DS, with its reference oil: TOTAL QUARTZ INEO FIRST 0W30 oil. Which is the engine oil used in most DS cars.

Sales & engineering

TOTAL is not only manufacturing high-performance lubricants, it also provides product training and specific promotional and communication tools for the DS sales network.


  • Within the framework of the global agreement renewed until 2021 between Total and the PSA group, Total supports DS Performance in its commitment to the FIA Formula E Championship. 
  • A direct beneficiary of Total’s experience will be the DSV-02, the all-electric single-seater racing car designed by DS Performance.
  • This partnership focuses on the development of dedicated products, lubricants and fluids allowing to improve the car’s efficiency in terms of power, as well as reducing the quantity of energy it consumes.